Benefits of PACIBER

First and foremost, PACIBER stands as a forum for the exchange of ideas where members can network and learn from one another. In the process, and through faculty exchanges and other mutually beneficial alliances, member universities can raise the level of their business education programs to world class standards. The end result of these activities is the enrichment of human resource development by graduating future managers who are well-prepared for the challenges of increasing multicultural understanding and multinational and global competition.

PACIBER member schools benefit by increased access to and networks with the leading business schools in the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Collaborative activities between PACIBER member schools add value to member universities through:

  • Joint Research Projects
  • Recruitment and Exchange of Students and Faculty
  • Placement of Students
  • Joint Curriculum Development
  • Access to the Latest Developments in Business Education and Research
  • Increased Funding Opportunities From Private and Government Agencies
  • Established Networks With Leading Business Schools

Mission Statement

PACIBER is an organization comprised of institutions of higher education that was established in 1988 and chartered in 1989. The mission of PACIBER is to establish linkages to promote international business education, research and exchanges of information, faculty and students; and to promote/widen the scope of cooperation, facilitate communication and expand consciousness about Asia among American member institutions.


2013 – 25th Anniversary. Publication of PACIBER Casebook.

2011 – First Faculty Development Workshop (Entrepreneurship) held in conjunction with PACIBER meeting.

2002-2004 – PACIBER schools compete in Asia Moot Corp

2001 – Awarded U.S. Dept. of Education’s Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Educations.

1988 – PACIBER established.