The PACIBER Diploma is a program for graduate and undergraduate students studying business who wish to develop international skills through a combination of courses, study abroad and internship experience.

The bearer of the PACIBER Diploma will be recognized as one who is an internationally attuned management individual with the requisite academic credentials, overseas experience, language capability and crosscultural training to be immediately productive upon accession to any Asia-Pacific-related position.

Who Qualifies?

Candidates must be nominated by their home institution, and be able to demonstrate:

  1. Successful progress toward degree requirements and maintain a 3.0 GPA or equivalent during their business studies.
  2. Aptitude to successfully participate in an international, cross-cultural experience: candidates should have some international experience such as living in a foreign country, study abroad, internship abroad, or taken coursework in international or area studies.
  3. Language competency: candidates must demonstrate competency in two languages of the region upon completion of their degree. Criteria that can be used to demonstrate competency can be:
    1. Native language;
    2. Upper level coursework in the language;
    3. Language testing results such as TOEFL; or
    4. Certification of competency by the appropriate language department of the home institution.

How to Apply?

Candidates may apply anytime during their study through the PACIBER representative of their home institution. Candidates must fulfill the following requirements to receive the Diploma:

  1. competency in two languages of the region;
  2. one-semester of study abroad in a PACIBER member school;
  3. an 8-10 week (160 hours) internship overseas or with an international company.

PACIBER Diploma Candidates

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PACIBER Diploma Graduates

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